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Beach Blues

Got the “Beach Blues”? Being quarantined for fifty-however many days it has been will do that to you. As crazy beach fanatics, how can we handle beach withdrawals? Maybe this will help.

It has been 60 days, 19 hours and 26 minutes since I last visited a true beach. Aren’t you counting too? The novel Coronavirus has caused me to count a lot more! I am counting days I’ve been in the house, days since my last social outing, days I haven’t been eating as healthy, you get the point.

The last beach trip I took was back in March to a beautiful place called Sarasota, Florida. If there is a place that will surely give you beach withdrawals, it is the Gulf Coast of Florida. Sunny skies, white sand, turquoise blue water, and the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in my life, were all experienced there.

You may also know me to be an avid beachcomber, and if you really know me, you know that I am crazy about my shelling. While in Florida, we (my husband and I because he loves me that much) would get up before dawn, some days 3 or 4 am, to get out to the beach for low tide treasures. We beachcombers call this “flash lighting” for seashells.

If you’ve ever been to Florida, you know there is no shortage of seashells, and apparently, no shortage of shell collectors. Even at 3 am, I was not the only crazy sheller out there. I brought back buckets! Before anyone gets started on judging my shelling habits, please know that I only collect empty shells, I only collect true keepers, and there are literally mountains of shells covering most of the beaches on the gulf coast- you just have to know where to go!

After spending eight days in beautiful Sarasota, we finally drove back home, about thirteen hours to be exact. Once home, all I could think about was when we could go back. I have always thought about moving out of Virginia, but this time I am sure it will be to Florida. How could I not after experiencing pure heaven on Earth?! Well, in the United States anyways.

I wish I could tell you how to make your beach blues disappear, but I absolutely am not a magician. These are powerful feelings coming from real, personal experience!

How have I been handling it, you ask?

Well, since Florida, I’ve been going through my bucket of seashells and have hand cleaned each one (literally hundreds), so this has taken up A LOT of my time to say the least! It is also so nice to go back through all of the beautiful finds and is a great way to revisit memories of picking them up off the beach. Definitely try out this method if you have seashells or other treasures from your last beach trip. Cleaning shells can be very therapeutic.

Secondly, I’ve been going back through hundreds of photos (I have almost as many photos as I have seashells) and make a point to post them regularly on social media to revisit those memories and places and also share them with others who I know are missing the beach just as much as I am. It has been so refreshing to take a break from all of the complaints and politics on social media and just look at everyone’s beach photos!

Thirdly, I am making plans for future trips! Since I have no idea when openings will occur and hotels will open back up to the public, I am just starting to make lists of places that I would like to visit and areas I would like to explore once there. Planning a trip is half the fun, right?

Finally, I am couting down the days until reopening (again, here’s more of my counting habits). Right now in Virginia, beaches are open for exercise and fishing only. I live about 1.5 hours away from the closest public beach and it is frowned upon to venture outside of your county with the Stay at Home Order in place. It’s not illegal (in Virginia) though if you do decide to venture out, just be sure to respect your state’s social distancing guidelines.

So my point is this.  Recovering from beach withdrawals can be challenging. I know that I will not fully get over my beach blues until I step foot on the sand again and feel the salt water flow over my bare feet, but we can all make it by with beautiful memories until that day comes.

Where was your last beach adventure? Which beach will you visit first after quarantine? We can all live vicariously through our photos and memories, so let’s share.

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