Unexpected Treasures

This past weekend, I took a trip with a friend to the North side of Virginia Beach, where I visit frequently.  Usually, this beach is good for wading in the ocean, and parking a chair or towel with friends.

I was a bit surprised by what we found on this visit…..




Not just fragmented particles that you’d normally find in Virignia Beach, but actually bright, beautiful whole shells!  In the mix were Baby’s ear, Shark Eyes, Razor Clams, and small Whelks.  We also found seaglass which is a first for me!  They were shades of brown, green and clear, and some even had letters and numbers on them. We were just missing the blue seaglass, which is a more rare find.


I think the most surprising find of the day was the piece of a Sand Dollar in the collection of shells (featured picture).  I’ve never seen one in Virginia!

I always love this time of year when the water is a greenish-blue color rather than the usual greenish-brown we see.  This usually is only seen here in July and August.


We ended the day in Ocean View, Virginia, where we found a lot of oysters, micro-whelks and snails.  These were adorable!


Where were some of your unexpected beach finds?  Comment below

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