Be as you are.

I even have these words tattooed on my foot to remind me of this.  I discovered the phrase while listening to my favorite Country artist, who is known for singing about the beach, Kenny Chesney.

In the song “Be As You Are”, Kenny talks about how he feels when he visits the Caribbean islands. One line in the song goes like this: “Where you can be a tourist, a beach bum, or a star, and be as you are.”

What he means by this, I guess from his point of view, is that he spends so much of his life being a celebrity, and keeping up with all of the “Noise” (another song he wrote that came out in 2017) that comes with the life of a rock star.  He feels as though he has to pretend to be this other person, more poised and collected.  But when he is at the beach in the Caribbean, he can be himself, not having to please anyone else nor feel judged by anyone else, where he can be as he is.

This phrase resognates with me, because I too have felt that I was always trying to please other people in my life, and just trying to pretend to be a more professional, more collected version of myself.  Sometimes I just want to let loose, and go on adventures, and be with myself and my own thoughts, and not worry about what others think of me.

I feel this way when I am by the water.  It completely calms my mind and soul and I just feel free.

Wherever you are at in life, just remember, be yourself.  Be the fun loving dreamer that you are and don’t worry about what others think of you or how they view you.

Go to that special place in life or in your mind where you feel free, and where you can “be as you are”.



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