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Your Mind is a Portal

Monday.  The dreaded day that follows the lovely weekend that was spent relaxing, spent with friends & family, and spent not spending one second thinking about work.

Of course the weekend weather was sunny and 70 degrees, with blue skies and zero clouds.  Then Monday rears it’s ugly head and brings the cold and rain along with it.  Your hair is a frizzy mess because of the weather, and you’re running late to work.

Once at work, you realize you’re edging towards the end of the month, the end of the quarter even.  This happens to be the worst quarter of the year for business, and you can visualize the gap you have before meeting your boss’s high quotas.

You’ve worked your tail off this month trying to reach your goals, but people are getting demanding, and your usual tactics just aren’t working for you.  You feel like you have no control over your circumstances, yet somehow, no one cares.  You start to think to yourself, “Is this really what I want?”  “Is this the career for me, or the life that I want to live?”  Anxiety sets in. 

Am I painting a relative picture here?

There are three things that I want you to think about when incidents like this occur.


Today is only the day before the rest of your life.  Think about that.  Today is only one single day out of the thousands of glorious days that we get to live, and if we let little things bother us, we can set the tone for the rest of the day, week, or month.

What’s going well for you today?  Well, I woke up, and I’m healthy, I’ll add. I’m out here driving on these winding roads with crazy people, and yet I manage to make it home safely each day. I have loving friends and family that I can call on when I need to vent. I am in control of where my life leads.  Not my boss, not my co-workers, not some random person on the road who cut me off this morning.  Just ME.

Think about how much time is wasted on negative thinking.  How many times a day does it happen for you?  When those feelings of defeat, or unsatisfaction come to you, breathe in that thought.  Now hold it there in your mind for about 5 seconds.  Then, with one giant huff, breathe it out.  As you’re breathing out, imagine that thought leaving your mind.  Visualize it leaving, maybe as an object, or a color. Then let it go.

Sure, these thoughts will always come back to us, especially if you’re prone to anxiety as I am.  Use your body and mind as a passageway to acknowledge negative thoughts as they come.  Then also acknowledge that they will leave.  Your mind is a portal. You have the authority to say what you do and don’t want it to contain.

Take ownership of that.


~Let me know your thoughts, by dropping a comment below. 

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