You don’t have to be understood because you’re as unique as they come.

I’ve never felt like I fit in here.  I’ve always longed to be some place where my heart and soul are at peace; where I can free my mind completely and let go of life’s complications.  People just don’t get why a girl from a small town in Virginia would want to live by the water and smell the salt air every day. But my soul begs for it. My heart longs for it. That is where I feel free.

It could be from my western coastal family influence, or from the fact that I didn’t spend much time by the water growing up.  Maybe it’s from my love for Kenny Chesney over the years and hearing what a difference the ocean made in his life.  I can relate to this. The ocean has helped me through a lot of tough times in life, so I surround myself with it. I listen to beach themed music every single day and that gives me a calming feeling unlike no other. I choose to continue to surround myself with it until I am there for good. It will happen soon enough.

If you have something in your life that holds your sanity and keeps your world in place, then chase after it. Surround yourself with it. It’s okay to be different, and to not fit in the box that others think we “need to fit in”.  These are the qualities that make each one of us unique, and it doesn’t matter if people around you do not understand or do not accept you for who you choose to be. Go to the place that keeps your soul at peace, wherever that is for you. Keep surrounding yourself with the things that you love.

You are unique, so go be free.


~Your Singing Mermaid

2 thoughts on “You don’t have to be understood because you’re as unique as they come.

  1. I miss living by the beach. I lived and worked in the Tampa area for 15 years. I lived in Clearwater and the beach, sun, water was the greatest getaway after a long work week. I understand your passion for the water. I guess it’d because i grew up in PA and lived on lake front property. Fishing, sailing, swimming, all were part of daily life. Hope you’re days are blessed!

    1. Hi Daniel! I am happy to know that others share my same feelings about water. The ocean is more so my love, and Tampa sounds like a great place to live. I am hoping to make it out there one day! Most of my posts here are somehow related to the ocean, and my love for the water. I’m sure you will find commonality with some of the others I’ve written. Thanks for the read and comment.

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