The Color Blue

I find this subject appropriate, as it has a lot to do with the title of this blog.  Over time, the color blue has been shown proven to be the most favorite color amongst both men and women.

We are drawn to the ocean, with her colors ranging from powder blue to midnight blue in her depths. We are lovers of the sky, which provides us with sunshine and happiness. Many of us are attracted to those who possess piercing blue eyes.

So why are we so mesmerized by this color?

The color blue represents peace, serenity, freedom, and safety.  Darker variations represent trust, stability, loyalty, and royalty.  The color is easy on the eyes, and provides us with a sense of calmness and relaxation.  You will find blues in massage parlors, your therapists office, and many corporate buildings.  This strategy was planned.

You see, blue is acceptable to most and represents satisfaction, so companies believe that you will have a better chance of signing a contract or being sold, if you are surrounded by the color blue.  This is also a psychological play on our minds to put us in a more calm and collected mood. Blue has also been found to be the best color to reduce stress and anxiety, and is easiest on the eyes.

I believe this is one of the reasons that we love the sea, as she provides us with all of the senses that blue represents; freedom, peacefulness, calmness, and stability.  This is just another example of how we can use our surroundings to make for a more stress-free life.

“Let the Blue Sky Meet the Blue Sea, and All is Blue for a Time.” -Moncy Barbour 


~Your Singing Mermaid

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