Using Negativity for Positive Impact

In life, we can find negativity in every corner, peering at us, just waiting for the opportune moment to consume us in her deadly grasp. We see it in our jobs, in people we surround ourselves with, or sometimes within ourselves.  So how do we take that negativity and use it to generate a positive impact in our lives?

It takes a strong, disciplined mind to generate positivity, given our circumstances. Think back through your life at the times that you felt unappreciated, or unwanted.  Maybe you had a rough childhood or even a rough adulthood, or maybe you are holding onto anger or bitterness from a negative experience in your life.

What do we learn from these occasions?  How do we overcome the brought on negativity that in most cases, is out of our control?

Ponder over this.  Why does negativity occur?  Well, a lot of times, it comes from selfishness of others or of ourselves.  We are impatient human beings that do not always exude self-control.  We want what we want and we want it now, no matter the affect our actions may have on others or even on ourselves.

We must use this thought: “Do what is within your control.”  So what can we control?  Our reactions to the circumstances in our lives.  You choose happiness. You choose positivity.  You choose to brush it off your shoulders and be the bigger person.  It’s not easy, but the impact is powerful.  By choosing these things, we build a stronger mind, discipline and self-control.  And guess what?  The more often we practice this, the easier it will become.

You cannot control the person who decided to slam on their brakes in front of you on your way to work.  You cannot control the demanding boss who thinks you owe the company a leg and a half when you have already given them your all.  You cannot control the fair-weathered friends who talk about you behind your back. But you can control who you chose to have in your life.  You can control your attitude towards those situations, and decide “I’m not going to let these circumstances get in the way of my happiness.”  “I’m not going to let the stress I have at work affect my loving family at home.”  “I’m not going to let the whisperings of others affect my confidence or my positive attitude.”

Trust me, you will feel a lot better when you stop zoning in on the negativity, and discover that your happiness is in your control, and hence, your life is in your control.  Be that example for others.  The more happiness we have within ourselves, the more we can share that with the world, and create a happier, positive universe.


~Your Singing Mermaid


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